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Contact Information
3010 Lyons Rd
Austin, TX 78702

Office: 512-926-4186
Fax: 512-926-7414
Mon-Thur 8AM - 5PM
Fri 8AM - Noon

Mass Times
Saturday Vigil:
    5:00PM (English)
Sunday Masses:
   11:30AM (English)

Weekday Masses:


EIM Workshops

Ethics and Integrity in Ministry Office Contact: Emily Hurlimann

(512) 949-2447 6225 Highway 290 East, Austin, TX 78723-1025

- - - For Parish Council & Finance Council see the Officers under the "Clergy, Staff, & Officers" tab

Construction Committee: Lizeth Gonzales & Marie Rocha, Co-Chairs. Sally Paramo, Secretary.

Open to Everyone, committee advises on (with Finance Council when needed), developes a master plan, & delegates implementation of any major renovations or new building requiring permits &/or Diocese approve.

Sociedad Guadalupana:    , President   (Meet 2nd Sunday of each month)
Devoted to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, this group serves the church in the widest capacity, always supporting the parish whenever the need arises in any way. Regular activities include: preparing breakfast, Bingo & Raffle fundraisers, preparing food &/or decorations for all Holy days (Advent & Lent) & other special events (including festivals), & leading certain prayer activities in the seasons of Lent and Advent.

St. Vincent de Paul:  Mary Colunga, President   (Meet 2nd Tuesday of each month) - 2nd collection every* 1st weekend of the month (*unless unable then moved to 2nd weekend) to support our local branch that serves the surrounding community

Devoted to helping those in need due to economic or health reasons. Food, utilities, rent, & many other services available. Office meetings to join the group or if in need of assistance can be made by appointment only (downstairs under school building, below regular church office) call 512-928-8629

Knights of Columbus (K of C):  Council #10426,  Louis Gonzales, Grand Knight   (Meet 3rd Sunday of each month)
Adult Catholic Men's in service to the Bishop, the priest, & the church & surrounding community as needed & available. Regular activities include: preparing breakfast, grounds clean up projects (for special needs), bingo & raffle fundraisers, food & other preparations for special events & some Holy days. (For PRO-LIFE information Click Here)

St. Andrew Altar Society:   Altar Servers & Sacristans:  Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers: &  Decorating Committee:
David Gonzales, Liturgy Coordinator. For sign up, scheduling, or practice available after all weekend and Holy day masses.
For Schedule CLICK HERE

Renovación Carismático:  _____ _____, President - Meet every Friday at 7pm (except holidays)
Spanish language gathering to share & sing praises and give thanks to God. Also have regularly scheduled Breakfast prepation & contributed food & setup for special events as well, as needed.

Apóstoles de Nazaret:  _____ _____, President - Meet _____
Performance group that designs, directs, & acts in our yearly reinactments of the Passion of our Lord (the Stations of the Cross/ Via Crucis), the Nativity story, & the Miracle of the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Also help with food & decoration for special events.

Friends of Sta. Julia:  Various members, large fundraising as needed & when inspired by the Holy Spirit

Breakfast Groups:  Sociedad Guadalupana; Virgen de San Juan Group; Reina de los Angeles Group; Saldana/Figueroa/Tienda Group; Nuevo Amancer Group; Familias Unidas en Cristo Group; TLC (Tienda, Limon, Cantu) Group, 

Choirs: Lead Directors: Velia Molis - Saturday 5pm English, Johnny Limon - Sunday 11:30am English,

Blanca Reyes - Sunday 7:30 Spanish, & Rita Guzman - Sunday 9:30 Spanish

Ushers: Lead Director (9:30 & special events): Maria Ramirez.  (Saturday usher, set-up/prep lead: Robert Flores)

Our Faith, Our Future Committee: TBA

Youth Group (Students): TBA

Sta. Julia's F.A.I.T.H. (Fellowship And Inspiration Through Him):  Liz Gonzales, Director. Young adults ages 18-39

Gather to periodically hold events that add to the church experience by being family friendly, fun & also educational for all. Schedule & fund series of classes for parish when possible.
Regular activities include Caroling to Jesus for the 3 Kings Day, preparing the ashes for from previous year's palms, preparing fresh palms from on grounds, coordinating Festival of Ministries during Lent & Advent, assisting decorating on Holy Days, (religious themed) Haunted house during the Festival of Saints, & supporting Altar Server fundraising & field trips. 
Members are encouraged to also be members of other ministries including lectors, choirs, & religious education.


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